About the Workshop

The goal of this EICS 2016 Workshop on Cross-Device User Interfaces (XDUI 2016) is to bring together leading and upcoming researchers in the area of multi-device interaction where many different cross-device systems and tools have recently been investigated.

XDUI 2016 marks a shift from thinking about the technical issues of distributed user interfaces to thinking about the users and enabling cross-device use of existing applications and interfaces. We will discuss the issues specific to end-user development of cross-device user interfaces and develop a research agenda that tackles these issues with solutions suitable for non-technical users.

The workshop targets both new and established researchers in the area. New researchers will quickly get an overview of the state of the art, while established researchers can bring in their expertise and knowledge of existing cross-device techniques.

Workshop Goals

The workshop seeks to establish a set of technical and design requirements and develop a research agenda to support end-user development of cross-device user interfaces. This will include (a) systematic review of existing systems and tools regarding their suitability and potential for end-user development, (b) collection and analysis of the concepts and techniques appropriate for non-technical users to create cross-device interfaces, and (c) discussion of participatory design methods and how they need to be adapted for cross-device interface design.

The main outcome of the workshop will be a review paper on end-user development of cross-device user interfaces coauthored by all participants. This workshop also provides a unique opportunity to exchange implementation experiencesdiscuss technical concerns of existing solutions, sketch the design space of possible cross-device interfaces and discuss open issues as well as important future research directions.


Please see this page for submission instructions.

Dates & Venue

The workshop will be collocated with EICS 2016, the 8th ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems, taking place in Brussels, Belgium, 21-24 June 2016. The conference will be held at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Brussels. Please see the conference web site for more information and to learn more about the EICS conference series.